Dean of Student Affairs

Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

The office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs is responsible for the general welfare and disciplines of all students and gives meaning to the role of the Senior Members as acting in loco parentis for students. The office works in close collaborations with the Registry, Hall authorities, and the Students Representative Council [SRC] to ensure the welfare of the students. It also links up with the Students Representatives Council [SRC] to ensure the welfare of students. It also links up with external bodies that have to deal with students’ welfare issues in general or with the SRC in particular. The office in conjunction with the Hall Master is in charge of the management of the non-residential student facilities, and also link up with the management of the students. Non-Resident Students are therefore strongly advised to contact the office before entering into any contractual agreements with landlords or hostel operators. The office has oversight responsibility over the Guidance and Counseling Department, the School Clinic, the Sports, Recreation and Leisure Unit and, the Students Representative Council.