Directorate of Human Resource & Organisational Development

Overview of the Directorate

The Human Resource Directorate under the Office of the Registrar exists with the responsibility of developing the human resource capabilities of the University.
The functions of the directorate span from overseeing conditions of service of the staff and the development and implementation of policies regarding University human resource. The directorate performs this function by providing expert opinion on matters concerning human resources through the Registrar to be considered by the appropriate committees of the University.
Specifically, the directorate is the sole entity for keeping up to date staff records, validation of certificates of prospective employees of the University, renewal and termination of employment contracts and monitoring and evaluation of staff performance.
The directorate also performs the responsibility of providing education and training of employee for quality development which translates into prudent job delivery. The directorate does this by upgrading their professional expertise in their areas of specialization through short courses, seminars and workshops.