Directorate of Public Affairs

Know About Us

The Directorate of Public Affairs is enjoined with the University’s planning and execution of events and activities that have the impact of promoting effective and healthy communication between the University and its publics. The Public Affairs Directorate is the official source of institutional news, information, expert sources, and University-wide events.

Our Mission

Managing the University brand, organise high-profile events, and ensure effective dissemination of information to all Accra Technical University publics by guaranteeing the highest standards of current and quality content across all platforms; web-based, broadcast media, video, social media, print, and more.

Our Vision

To engineer a sustained positive image for Accra Technical University.

Our Values

Pro Communication – we believe that the public (s) have the right to know.

Positive Outlook – we uphold professionalism in the midst of the storms – SMILE.

Ethics – desiring to do the right thing, at the right time and place, and willing to take risks.

What We Do/Functions

As the official mouthpiece, the directorate engages in internal and corporate communication for the University. Summarily, the directorate performs functions such as: 

  • Education/Research: Enlighten and demonstrate the unique student offer and the experience Accra Technical University offers for our varied students. Also, we promote and share research works that impact lives and solving real community problems.
  • People: Promote ATU as a great place to work, supporting the University’s efforts to attract, recruit and support talented individuals and provide a diverse, inclusive, fair and open environment that allows staff to grow and flourish.
  • Engagement and partnership: Promote and support Accra Technical University’s efforts to boost community engagement, knowledge exchange, and innovation culture, thereby ensuring that our research and education benefit wider society.

The activities performed under the Directorate are split between the following job titles:  University Communications/Marketing Strategies, News and Information, Protocol/Events, Alumni Relations.

University Communications/Marketing Strategies

  • University Communications

Reputation accounts for a larger portion of an institution’s market capitalisation and the most important long-term asset. In effect, the Directorate delivers news and information about the University and its achievements to the public and media globally. We also highlight key new University initiatives. 

  • Internal Communication 

The Public Relations unit ensures the constant flow of information in the University. We bring the students, faculty, and staff with up-to-date certified information. The unit also serves as the lead on communications and engagement with staff; manage University-wide channels, including all-staff emails, notices, circulars, and the electronic weekly/monthly bulletin. The team also produces the quarterly University newsletter. This Unit is also responsible for the receipt and onward dispatch of letters and all other correspondences as appropriate and necessary to ensure the seamless flow of the University’s internal and external mail delivery system.

  • Brand Management 

The broader effort of the Public Relations Unit is to support institutional departments and the top leadership plan, develop and implement communication and marketing strategies to promote and build a sustainable positive presence of the University.

News and Information

The Public Affairs Directorate works to acquire extensive media coverage with news stories and features for the institution’s activities and events. We also facilitate and monitor media coverage from external media outlets. 

  • Media Enquiries 

The Media Relations Unit manages all media enquiries and facilitates interviews for and with the appropriate experts.

  • In house Media 

Internally, the Unit promotes departmental events, research, and other news via the media: online University website, intranet, InfoBridge, ATU Teller, and others. We cover the University activities in photography, print, and video. We develop communication and marketing materials such as institutional fliers, catalogues, newsletters, bulletins, diaries, and calendars. Some outstanding works undertaken by the directorate include; Special Reporter, This week in ATU, ATU Catalogue, and others. 

  • Documentation & Information 

Materials that capture University activities and events in a documented text, audio, and video are a function of the Documentation and Information Unit. These publications are geared towards circulating the needed and sought-after information within the University community. The University’s website management and publications of University materials are also a vital function of this Directorate. The office is in charge of publications including but not limited to the following;

  • Student Handbook
  • Brand Guide  
  • Policies 
  • Newsletters (ATU Teller/This Week)
  • Congregation Brochure
  • Matriculation Brochure.
  • Event Poster and Banners
  • Promotional Ads, 
  • All marketing and related materials of the University 


The practice of receiving and seeing off official guests of the University, making official travel arrangements, venue booking, residential booking, planning itinerary among other protocol activities are carried out by the Protocol Unit. It also documents University materials, events, activities for historical certification. The office also exists as a contact for information from both the external and internal publics of the University. The unit also carries out the following:

  • Event Organization & Management 

Events such as Congregation, Matriculation, Anniversary Celebrations, Seminars, Retreats, and many others are organized by the directorate due to its ability to attract the right kind of publicity and media mileage.

  • Logistics

The Unit also oversees other logistical arrangements that accompany the organization of events such as; contacting rental companies for needed logistics. The Directorate through this unit also advises on audiovisual needs like; Public Address (PA) System, hire of conference facilities among others.

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Unit is an established unit which aims at attracting and holding the interest of past students in the institution’s activities of growth and development, by offering services that bring the alumni closer to the University. It also aims at offering support mechanisms for alumni networking, adding value to the alumni and the University while engineering mutual bond with the University to build a lasting beneficial relationship. The Alumni Unit allows members to reconnect with lost friends and colleagues, contribute their quota of suggestions and donations, and other voluntary services to aid the development of the University.

Alumni Relations performs the underlisted functions:

  • Alumni News
  • Membership Drive/Registration
  • Alumni Homecoming/Networking
  • Alumni Lecture
  • Open Forum with Final Year Students 
  • Fundraising