Faculty of Applied Sciences

Overview of the Faculty

Formerly the School of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Faculty of Applied Sciences provides a congenial learning, teaching and research environment capable of producing middle-level specialists in science and commerce-related courses ready to address contemporary industrial and societal challenges in the field.

The Faculty is focused on the transfer of existing scientific knowledge to practical applications, like technology or inventions. The Faculty’s approach to tuition is a holistic one; we complement significant practical work with theoretical scientific processes and knowledge as the means of achieving a specific practical or useful result.

The Faculty continues to enrich its programmes in response to developments in the field of higher education and industry needs.  We strive to equip our undergraduates with knowledge, skills and the right attitudes to face the challenges in the wider world of work.

We exist to promote skill-based learning, applied research and training, to provide the solution to industry and community challenges and help individuals achieve their full potential for sustainable development.

Our objectives are carried out by four (4) departments which comprise: